Monday, December 1, 2008

No more blogging for me

As Journalism 420 draws to a close, so will my blogs. While this has been one of the easier assignments for this class, it has taught me a lot.

Consistency is essential when it comes to online blogging and Web site updates. If bloggers don't consistently write something, they will lose readers. Fortunately for this class, everyone has to continue reading until they've made their required number of comments and posts, but that doesn't make the lesson any less important.

Blogging has also taught me to use key words for my headlines ... or to write interesting enough headlines that people want to see what I'm talking about. As a copy editor, I know your average rules for writing print headlines, but headlines for the Internet are different and a little more challenging.

Blogging has also taught me to think more critically. Throughout the semester I've looked at other new organizations' Web sites and questioned what the editors did and why they did it. By questioning others, it makes me question the reasons I do certain things.

And finally, blogging this semester was just plain fun. I learned to link to other stories, post pictures and throw a text wrap in my posts here and there. It was something I hadn't done before, and I enjoyed it.